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AsherOnline: James Stephens III: Man Of A Thousand Voices

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Oct 01 2022 - 9:00am

AsherOnline is the newest way to experience our shows from the comfort of your home! 

With our easy OnDemand streaming service you can now watch James Stephens III: Man Of A Thousand Voices anytime, anywhere!

Witness and laugh at the hilarious comedy antics of Stand-Up Comedian James Stephens III as he sings, dances, plays instruments, switches characters and impersonates some of America's most well known and beloved celebrities. From former Presidents and household names to today's performers, James delivers punch after punch of genius comedy! 

With a seamless performance, James will make you and everyone in your home laugh with his family-friendly act. Whether it is his many spot on impersonations of Ray Charles, Prince and Michael Jackson (to name a few) or his retelling of ridiculously funny family and life stories, you will be amazed at the sheer level of comedy.  


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